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Technical Helpline

Need more assistance than just a telephone conversation? Sometimes if a cash flow or consolidation does not work then a chat on the telephone may not ‘cut the mustard’. We can review your work and assist you when difficulties arise. We can also review audit files, accountancy files, financial statements and help you with a range of annual compliance reviews.

The helpline is normally open Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, and we aim to provide an immediate answer wherever possible. We appreciate that often enquiries are urgent and time is of the essence. If further research is needed, we will aim to respond with an answer by the close of the next working day.

We can answer queries on:

  • ICAEW, ACCA and IFA Regulatory matters including:
    • Money laundering;
    • Client money rules;
    • DPB;
    • Professional ethics;
    • Plus other areas of compliance;
  • Accountancy treatments under IFRS, FRS102, FRS101, FRS105;
  • Accountancy treatments under all of the major SORPs;
  • Financial reporting requirements for companies, limited liability partnerships,
    charities, academies and pensions schemes;
  • Auditing and assurance queries, including charity independent examinations;
  • ‘Client money audits’ including those required by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA);
  • Charity and Company Law issues relating to accountancy issues.

Please note that we don’t deal with technical tax issues and cannot provide legal advice.

Please call our helpline on 07833996654 or email matthew@metiscompliance.com

Please note the helpline (and follow up research) is billable at £95 per hour, billing is undertaken at the end of the month, and payable within 7 working days. If you use the helpline in a month a minimum charge of £21.25 will be billed. Before answering your first call we will require certain information about your practice for regulatory and billing purposes.

Any advice which we provide will be based on information provided by you. Where appropriate, the advice provided will make reference to applicable legislation, regulations or standards.

You are solely responsible for applying any advice provided to you by a member of our team; no responsibility can be accepted by Metis Compliance Limited, nor the person providing the advice for loss occasioned to any person acting, or refraining from acting, as a result of the advice provided. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for advice given by Metis Compliance Limited which is provided based on the incomplete or inaccurate provision of information.

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